Neha Singh

Email: neha dot prasad dot singh at gmail dot com | Resume

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Something more about me

Web Development

I am a professional front-end web developer and my job involves building websites using some of the latest web technologies, such as HTML5 Markup, CSS3 and jQuery. As a non-clutter enthusiast, I like to write clean, semantic, standards-based markups that are optimised to give the sites as great a response time as possible. I have experience working with systems such as Wordpress and ExpressionEngine.

Design Expert

The websites I design range from elegant and stunning to minimalist and easy to use, according to client's preferences. As part of keeping up with new trends, I also specialise in-and love-responsive web design, which is now essential to the web industry.

Related Education

Masters in Interactive Multimedia
University of Westminster

Where I've worked

Simplicity IT Ltd June 2012 - Present

Simplicity IT creates business-critical web database systems for organizations that are striving for operational efficiency, improved customer experience, new revenue channels and other ways of achieving powerful competitive advantage.

Wardour April 2010 - May 2012

Wardour Communications Ltd. is a content marketing agency based in London, where I work as a Web Developer. From day to day, you can find me developing, building and maintaining website for different Wardour clients.

Firefly e-Ventures April 2008 - September 2009

Firefly e-Ventures Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of HT Media, an India-based company that builds brands and businesses in the new media space. I worked at Firefly as Senior Web Developer

Indian Express September 2007 - April 2008

Indian Express is the leading newspaper of the Indian Express Group, again based in India. It was there that I started my career as a Trainee Web Developer.

Technical part of me

My Skills

  • CSS2.1 / CSS3
  • jQuery
  • UX / Usability
  • PHP basics
  • CSS Grids
  • CSS Frameworks / Resets
  • CSS Pre-Processors (LESS)
  • Debugging Tools (Firebug, etc)
  • CMS (ExpressionEngine, WordPress)
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Cross-Browser / Cross-Platform Development
  • Cross-Browser Bugs and Inconsistencies (primarily IE6-8)
  • SEO Basics

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